With many car ports available on the market there are multiple solutions to adding solar power and EV charging stations. But what if you want to generate more value from your carpark?

Many customers charging their vehicles will have nothing to do. Maybe a coffee shop? Or a weatherproofed safe playground for kids? Somebody would love a massage or maybe an hour at business desk to prepare that document and print it out. The facilities could be seasonal or periodic with Christmas Fairs or Farmers Markets. Car Park Transformers allow other uses for a very modest cost.

EV’s are going to change the way we do things and soon we will find that carparks with charging facilities will be a captive retail space. Some EV drivers who charge up with cheaper power overnight can discharge and sell their power at a premium during the day to benefit the Grid when demand is at its greatest or sell P2P.

While standard shopping centers are losing their customers to Internet shopping, carparks are quite the opposite with a rapid growth of EVs they will start becoming more important and more valuable.

Solar power generation, charging Electric Vehicles, advertising, flexible retail space and much more are all features of the Car Park Transformer solution.

Car Park Transformer can supply the supports alone or deliver a full turnkey with PV panels, Inverters, EV chargers, advertising screens and all associated elements. Our menu is very versatile

If required, with assistance of Car Park Transformer technology the carpark can be further transferred to fully fledged interactive energy center comprising Solar PV, Electric Vehicle Charge Stations, Battery Storage, Bio-Gen, CHP, GSHP, Vertical Wind.

With patented the Car Park Transformer modular system you can benefit from this evolution to cleaner world.

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