Retail industry is going through a very difficult time each year losing its business to e-commerce retail.

However, carparks can become a very interesting asset for each and every shopping center. Not only can solar energy be generated there, Electric Vehicles can be charged and new flexible retail space can be created.

Besides generating new revenue streams on an under exploited car park well planned improvements could help reverse the current trend. Instead of losing customer there will be an influx of new customers to come charge their cars with about 30 min to 2 hours on their hands.

Some aspects you might consider as an added bonus:

•    Deliverable – and with aesthetically pleasing design(s)

•    Modular Design allows for easy Conversion of Spaces

•    Lower Cost and Higher added value

•    EV charging (and discharging at a profit to the driver)

•    Renewable Energy (for the Grid or P2P)

•    Energy Storage

•    Valuable interactive advertising

•    Extra retail/other space – adds Covid 19 Resilience

•    Attract new/retain existing customers

•    Attractive designs visually enhance the site

•    Offsets negative carbon footprint

•   Protect cars and pedestrians from sun, snow and adverse weather

• Future proofing as vehicle market adapts to greater use of EVs and autonomous vehicles

• Improved security for drivers and other pedestrians

Car Park Transformer delivers a range of Modular Carport solutions to suite every and each situation.

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