Business Centers

Carpark space next to office buildings is ideal way to generate clean electricity and charge electric vehicles of your employees.

You probably don’t need that extra modular space from Carpark Transformer, but in case you ever think of bringing laundry or Starbucks or some breakout space or gym on your site it might be a nice feature to have!

Some aspects you might consider as an added bonus:

•    Deliverable – and with aesthetically pleasing design(s)

•    Modular Design allows for easy Conversion of Spaces

•    Lower Cost and Higher added value

•    EV charging (and discharging at a profit to the driver)

•    Renewable Energy (for the Grid or P2P)

•    Energy Storage

•    Valuable interactive advertising

•    Extra retail/other space – adds revenue

•    Provides extra comfort for your tenants/employees

•    Attractive designs visually enhance the site

•    Offsets negative carbon footprint

• Protect cars and pedestrians from sun, snow and adverse weather

•  Future proofing as vehicle market adapts to greater use of EVs and autonomous vehicles

•    Improved security for drivers and other pedestrians

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